Pedal with Dan…

Regardless of the weather yesterday (which cleared up pretty quickly) I did go out for a pedal with Dan. We explored some new routes this time to the south of Hagley heading over towards Broome and Holy Cross.

After the trauma that is crossing the main A456 that is the Hagley Road, it was all quiet lanes and peaceful bridleways.

Dan had a good time and only fell off once!

A few photos of our little 7 mile jaunt.

Drink stop

Drink stop near Belbroughton.


The photo above is taken on a Bridleway called Horsall Lane.

Eco house

Dan pointing out a very Eco friendly property, 2 wind turbines and a boat load of solar panels!

Another drink stop

This is another drink stop this time on a very well paved bridleway near Holy Cross.

Hagley Ice Cream stop

Then after 7 miles it was back into Hagley for the obligatory post ride Ice Cream. Even in October!

There was an opportunity to go quite a bit further on some other off road routes I’d spied while doing a map recce, but I’m always concious that Dan is only 4 years old and I don’t want to get too far out and him pronounce he’s tired and wants to stop. That’s the nightmare scenario. 7 miles is ok though.

 Helmet Hair

We got our bikes washed as soon as we got in, then kit in the washer and jumped in the shower. Dan had a bad case of helmet hair as you can see in the photo above!

A nice 2 hours out over new territory.

Later that day me and my daughter Fay took the hounds for a nice walk and watched the sunset over the woods and the Starlings roosting, they always put on a good show! We were out for 90 minutes for 5 miles.

Not a bad day all told. Now I just need to get through this week and I have some me time coming up!


5 responses to “Pedal with Dan…

  1. A boys only ride is great. I love riding with my two.

    It’s never too cold for ice cream!

  2. hello mate, i was made up when i opened a copy of WMB and and saw not the usual super fit riders going on about massive routes in the US or somewhere, it was nice to see an average bloke, who`s got full time job, kids, mortgage whos let himself go, but is pulling himself back into shape.

    I`m in the same boat, Ex 29 Commando, was fit as hell and not an oz of fat on me, but that was nearly ten years ago, after 3 kids, working and drive all over the place and with the help of every fast food and grease spoon this side of the midlands, i have gone from a skinny 11 st to a massive 20st by chewing banjos and brews down the cafe and then eating deep fried nasty when i got home normally late.

    like you i`ve started getting back on the bike after declairing i`d never do any phys again ten years ago.

    its been great, really hard to break the nibbling on shit in front of the telly of an evening, but i`m getting there my kids have made a chart up on the wall with a picture of Daddy pig (off of peppa pig) at the bottom and a picture of me when i the army at the top, its really sweet and it has helped, they make sure i get weighted every saturday if i lost weight i get a gold star or some dodge sticker and if i gain i loss a sticker, it works well and makes me work harder to loss the belly cos they get very excited when i`ve lost weight and if they`re happy then so am i, i think its mainly cos the get to play with stickers more than anything else.

    other things i found that have helped is get a good bunch of mates who rider too, yes their a lot fitter than me, but they drag me out when i get in cos i would use the im too tired chestnut and sit on the sofa and not ride.

    anyway mate glad to see your doing well and keep it up


  3. @Toby, it is great ain’t it mate!

    @Giles, thanks for taking the trouble to comment feller. All of my riding buddies from over the years (mostly Squaddies) have moved away so I’m mostly a solitary pedaller, it would be nice to have regular riding buddies again!

    Whatever you do don’t declare “end ex” on your fitness regime! 🙂

  4. hello chief, i binned off the phy when i left 29, ” i`d had a enough of pain leaving me body” so that was the start of the downward spiral.

    bit of a doomer about the riding solo, not sure how far you are from south wales, me and the lads are doing Afan and/or Cwmcarm at some point, my rigs is in the shop at the moment but your more than welcome if u can get there mate, look it up on the forestry commission website, they`ve got trails all over the show.

    let me know what you think mate, cheers

  5. Hiya Giles, I’m in Worcestershire, just south of Birmingham. So not really local to South Wales. Thanks for the offer though! If I’m ever down your way I’ll certainly take you up on it. I know the Brecons and the Black mountains only too well…By foot… 😦

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