A wet Sunday in Hagley…

Opening the curtains this morning revealed…precisely nothing. A very grey day with the Clent Hills totally invisible due to very low cloud which is intent on dumping its contents on us!

Yesterday’s trials at the North Midlands School of Rugby went very well. For once the Club and County Coaches seem to have got the message about the standard of player we’re looking for and sent us a good bunch. We only de-selected a small number as most of the lads were displaying the kind of potential we can work with.

A few piccies of my MTB ride from Friday as promised.

The local high point.

Look at the mist in the valley. Very pretty.


The local farmers are getting the spuds in now, check out the pile in the trailer!

Into the Sun

The picture of the bridleway above was attempt at taking a cool “into the sun” image. Epic fail! The bridleway is actually an old Roman Road.

Roman Road

This is the same Roman Road a bit further along looking down toward Hagley actually pretty much towards my house.

Yours truly by one of  the local lakes

This lake above is very busy with water fowl. There is a very tame family of Swans on there.

Local residents

A few tame Swans.

The view

The photo above is looking back towards the Roman Road which is just below the tree line. My bike is parked actually about a quarter of a mile, probably less in fact, from my new house.

Bike at home

The bike at home apres pedal. Pretty dirty, I must clean it today! Maybe after I’ve pedalled with Dan if the weather decides to stop raining. I’d go out in it, but wifey may object to Dan going out in it!

I thought I’d finish with a photo of my “Man Cave” filled with bikes and my home made work bench.

Man Cave


4 responses to “A wet Sunday in Hagley…

  1. Clent Hills – nice bit of the world you live in Clive :>)

    Wifey & I had our first camping trip there on the Camping & Caravan Club site. Green isn’t in it…some kids from a nearby caravan came over in the end to show us how to put the tent up!

  2. I like your “man cave”, what alot of room you have. Keep pedalling!

  3. Hope that’s not your only clothe’s washer, cause wifey will not be proud of you…

  4. Forget owt else, that “Man Cave” Rocks dude 🙂

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