At home.

I’m working from home today looking after Dan. He had an accident yesterday evening. During our walk we stopped to say hello to the local horses and one of them swung its head around and gave Dan an almighty whack. It knocked him over, broke some teeth and gave him concussion! Only Dan…

Anyway, this means no cycle commute, which looking at the weather is no bad thing. It’s also no bad thing as I’m really struggling to enjoy this new route to work. Actually I hate it. All dual carriageway fast moving traffic that requires an attention I’m not used to on my many old routes. The sad thing is there is no other practical way of pedalling to and from work unlike my old location where I had an option of the canal, country lanes or even the Bristol Road with cycle lanes. I’m entirely mixing it with the traffic here which even at 0500hrs is very very busy for some strange reason.

There is also no flats, it’s all uphill at 8 to 9mph or downhill at 25 – 35mph, there’s absolutely no happy medium bowling along at a steady 14 to 18mph.

Whinge over for the day, back to Dan.

One response to “At home.

  1. Ouch, hope he heals quickly.

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