A bit parky…

The pedal in this morning was probably the last one in my summer cycling kit. I was bloody freezing! My hands were that numb in my mits that I couldn’t manipulate the keys properly to open work up and my legs had that cold burn on them that you remember from frosty February games sessions at school when you were a kid. You know the ones, the ones where you were praying the ball didn’t get whacked into your thighs!

The commute in along the main Hagley Road isn’t pleasant. Even at 0500hrs there seems to be a fair few vehicles of all sizes on there, all going at a hell of a lick, most passing too close and leaving me feeling pretty vulnerable. That’s a feeling I’m not used to. I’m not by nature a worrier or a self imposed victim so it’s a concern for me. I’m sure I’ll get used to it though.

Talking of getting used to things, my new house. It’s the wrong way round and it’s doing my head in! Everything is laid out pretty much as a mirror of my last house which I spent 15 years in. It just doesn’t feel right. Random comment there, just typing as I think, sorry!

Back to pedalling. Yesterday’s commute home was against a head wind and rain. You know the stinging fine rain? I spent most of the pedal with my head down trying to keep it out of my eyes, which isn’t great when you’re amongst traffic all seemingly pissed off that you have the temerity to pedal on their road! I went a different way home, which was the shortest way according to Microsoft Autoroute. It was the way I tried the week before last and missed a turn. I was confident of the route this time and went the way I was supposed to. I’ve just checked the stats on my Garmin page and there’s virtually no difference in time, distance or elevation in both routes. I guess the value will be in the boredom stakes.

I have found a canal route. But here’s the thing, it’s not far short of 20 miles and it loops round the North of Stourbridge, goes through Netherton Tunnel and hits Smethwick via Oldbury. The route on the map looks quite complex so I’ll do recce when I have some time off and see if it’s doable. I have to get off them bloody roads!


2 responses to “A bit parky…

  1. Did the Netherton tunnel via Hagley Road from Rubery the other month. I’d recommend lighting. I’m not a worrier either but I would legitimately say I was worried in a tunnel of that length. A head full of thoughts of bashing my head and dropping into the canal.

  2. I still don’t know how you do it. Commuting at 5:00AM and now in cooler weather (not to mention stinging rain and wind)….amazing. You’re a true inspiration, my friend.


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