Eye off the ball…

At first sight this could be a major drama, indeed I was a tad stunned when I first saw it. Hang on, rewind a bit here, lets get this told properly.

As you all know, my weight loss through cycling hasn’t been my main focus this year despite me desperately attempting to keep it so. Major family problems, work issues and a house move all conspired to keep it at the back of my priorities.

I kept my pedalling commute going and I “watched” the old food intake. But I have discovered that that’s not good enough. There’s no easy way to say this. I stepped on my new scales Saturday morning and it said 18 stones (252Ibs). That’s a 3 stone 2 Ibs (44Ibs) increase since I last weighed myself which was, well, a while back.

The weird thing is that my clothes still fit and folks I haven’t seen for a while are still complimenting me on my weight loss. Ok, I could see this as a disaster, I nearly did, but I’m not. I’m still 4 stones lighter than I was and as far as I’m concerned the scales thing is just a number. Yes it’s a number to get smaller but it’s not going to define my progress. I flew up Wychbury Hill this morning on my Giant with a weighed down daysack so I know I’m pretty fit.

I also know that the scales might be telling porkies, but do you know what? I don’t care, like I said, the figure it shows is just a marker and if I can get it going down then I’m ok. And I can’t be arsed with going to the Chemist every week and stepping on theirs as a check. Life is too bloody short!

Stuff I’d forgotten and lessons learned.

1. I absolutely must step on the scales every week!

2. For weight loss to succeed for me it must be priority number 1!

3. Life does occasionally get in the way.

4. Don’t ever stop!

There’s plenty more to say, but I’ll save it for later.

7 responses to “Eye off the ball…

  1. Don’t forget Clive, if you have increassed your muscle mass then the weight will go on but the size won’t necessarily increase as much.

  2. Clive – now were in a dead heat. I was 250lbs this morning. As you may recall I’ve been stuck in a zone for 240 – 250 for the last year, despite internet challenges and the like.

    I’m strong and faster on the bike, and I look a heck of lot better than i ever did before, but I’m still packing too many lbs of belly baggage.

    Do we need to restart an online challenge, even just for two of us, to see if we can knock a few off?

  3. That must have been quite a shock, and yes, you must remain positive about your progress i.e., you’re stronger, fitter and leaner. As I’ve always banged on, that I’ve been stuck on 16 stone for years now, despite 150-200 miles a week, and kettlebell exercises for the last couple of months. But I feel great, and alot younger than I did 5 years or so ago. Obviously weightloss would do me good, if only to get the millstone of being clinically obese from around my neck, but at the same time I don’t want to be miserable because I’m hungry. I recently watched an interview with Lance Armstrong, a real pro cyclist, and a hero of mine, who said……” sometimes you have to go to bed hungry”. However, that’s for the professional cyclists, which I’m not. I’m not saying give up on weightloss, if we keep pedalling things will keep improving, of that I’m sure.

  4. @Mike Binnix
    I wish I could say I was faster on the bike, but I seem to be stuck in plodding mode, as well as stuck on 16 stone, i.e., 234 lbs in american.

  5. @Fuzzy
    Fuzzy, I’m glad you said that.

  6. Hang in there. Never quit. Pretend your Colour Sergeant is looking over your shoulder. That should do it! 🙂

  7. You know the how to do it Clive. Just push yourself harder both mentally and physically. It’s a battle you can only win on your own. We can help but you have to do it. And you can do it.

    The only thing stopping you is YOU!

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