In the car as I will be all week. The bug is now on my chest big style. It seems my “new start” has stalled somewhat. I’ll blog again when I’m better. No point in putting finger to keyboard to moan about a cold.


3 responses to “Car…

  1. Hope you feel better soon matey, hate chest colds 😦

  2. Feel free to moan away, I know this is below the belt, but after that English perfoemance in the RWC, there’s plenty to moan about. Just caught up with your last few posts, a new home, new commute, and sadly a new cold. Why does everything come in threes? Get well soonest!

  3. Nope, fair play Welshie, make hay while the sun shines! I’m really looking forward to seeing your boys in ther final. Warburton has been my player of the tournament so far. A very impressive young man! Is the Taffia starting to dream whistfully about another “Golden Generation” a la Gareth, JPR, JJ etc?

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