Monday again…

The weekend seems to have whizzed by, I’m sat here at work again.

I deliberately chose to come in the car today. The wind is pretty severe, I have seen a few trees down and as I am permanently on the road amongst the traffic on a pretty busy dual carriageway for most of the way I took the car for safety reasons. The wind is as strong as I’ve seen it a while though.

Onto weight, I still haven’t got my scales. There always seems to be something else to do! If it ain’t work, it’s the new house stuff or rugby, or kids. I will do it today!


One response to “Monday again…

  1. I’m so not looking forward to the ride home tonight. However, if the cycle is too difficult into the headwind I do have the option of getting the train at various points along the way. I’d always give it a go first before getting the train though. However, I do hate the thought of spending money on train tickets rather than taking the car. At least I’ll get one ride in tough which I wouldn’t with the car.

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