Weak the force is…

Just got into work and opened up for the lads. Late. Very late. Like an hour late. So late in fact I had to drive. I’m very tired. I had a day from hell yesterday at work. A bastard of a pedal home where I actually got lost trying a new way home. The roads between Cape Hill and Bearwood all look the bloody same. Well not lost, but I pedalled 2 miles out of my way as I missed a turning. The headwind was crippling and I had a compulsary First Aid refresher at my rugby club to attend in the evening which to be fair I could have done without!

So I’m sat here not feeling very enthused and craving my bed and a bloody good rest!


One response to “Weak the force is…

  1. Thank you for your clarification. For a brief moment, I thought an old soldier was stating that he was LOST! We all know that is not possible.

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