A carbon cruise…

As the weather is still unseasonally Summery here in the Midlands I decided to come in on my Ebay Special Carbon Fibre self build. It hasn’t turned a wheel in anger since August I think, so I felt it deserved a run out. I haven’t compared times yet, but it does feel nicer pedalling a lighter bike. OK, I didn’t have my day sack with laptop and various other bits of crap that I carry on a Monday but the trip up Wychbury Hill felt a whole lot easier and quicker!


Ebay Special at work


The picture above is the beast at work this morning.

I completly failed to get some scales yesterday but I’ll be stepping on some new ones today.

Yesterday’s pedal home was not without incident. A bus passed much too close to me on the main Hagley Road which is a rural dual carriageway between Halesowen and Hagley itself. It caused me to wobble, then just to emphasise what a prat the driver had been, another bus from the same company overtook me in a completely proper way using lane 2 to go around me.

I challenged the driver as he had stopped at a Lay – By further down the road. I pointed out to him that he needs to treat me as a car when he overtakes which was exactly what his mate had done. He only apologised when I pointed out my hemet cam. Funny that. I’ll post the footage at the weekend. Work has very helpfully banned Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot from our internet access. So if you’re on Blogspot that is the reason for my lack of attendance of late! Sorry…

I’ll be totally honest here and say that the new commute is a bit of a challenge at the moment in the old leg department. My quads are really aching as well as a new and alarming pain in my left knee. The heart and lungs are perfectly fine though. In the spirit of a gradual build up back to full on acitivity, I’ll be layering my excercises back in week by week. I’ll recommence the running next week, then the week after I’ll get the old upper body and core stuff going again. The last thing I want to do is start everything after a fortnight plus halt and break down physically because I’m a macho moron. Softly softly catchee monkee!

Food management was spot on yesterday as well.


4 responses to “A carbon cruise…

  1. I could catch a monkey.

    I’m sure the legs will stop aching as you get back into cycling again.

    My work has the internet on almost total lockdown. Even the national lotto site is blocked as its gambling.

  2. Are you wearing cleats on your shoes? I had to change the angle on mine as it was forcing my leg into an unnatural motion and caused pain.

  3. @Matt – cheers feller.

    @Guido – it’s not a bad cleat position pain mate, been pedalling pain free for too long. Probably old age plus a bit of wear and tear!

  4. Blogger is blocked at work so I can’t even update my blog during lunch.

    @Matt National Lottery is blocked too and I’m the syndicate manager!

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