A new start…

Today is day 1 of my new start. The last 9 months have been the most trying of my life, almost to the point of me walking away from everything. And I mean everything. I know house moves are stressful but there has been other family stuff happening that doesn’t need to be gone into here. But I’m kind of hoping (everyday usual life problems aside) there is now hope that things are back on an even keel.

I have a bit of a problem weight wise, my scales didn’t survive the move, so some new ones will be purchased today. During the last 2 weeks of house assembly stepping on to a set of scales hasn’t really entered my radar. But weekly weigh ins will be ressurected as of today.

My commute in was interesting, it seems to be all uphill! I am feeling it now, but I guess 2 weeks off the road bike will do that! Here’s a screen shot from my Garmin stats to show the profile.

Profile from Hagley to Smethwick
Profile from Hagley to Smethwick
I’m hoping it is all downhill to home!
The local Bridleways are pretty entertaining, I went out on an explore last Wednesday and did a nifty little 10 miler, it did take 2 hours as I was stopping to navigate and take in the surroundings. As I think I alluded to in an earlier post, this area is nowhere near as hilly as where I was before. Hills yes, massive gradients no.
Here’s a picture of a view of my new MTBing back yard.
Near Iverley looking South West.

Near Iverley looking South West.

There are a heck of a lot stables and horses in the area, quite an equine hotspot actually.
Horses in the 'hood.

Horses in the 'hood.

One of the nicest things about where we live in Hagley is that everything is easily within walking distance, the shops, the schools and the Railway Station. 
The car hardly gets taken off the drive. It’s such a pleasure not having to use it. My singlespeed gets used for quick trips to the shop and me Dan and wifey go for little pootles around the general area.
The local park

The local park

As you can see from the photo above, we have been out and about on our bikes as a family. Fay hasn’t fancied it yet though!
Me and Dan have got a bit more daring though with the odd off road trip.
Dan on a local bridleway, the Monarch's Way.

Dan on a local bridleway, the Monarch's Way.

One of the bridleways carries a bit of history as the sign below indicates.
Monarch's Way

Monarch's Way

Here’s a bit more indepth story of it here.
So, that’s been my life for the last 2 weeks. Now it’s back to the normality of bike commuting, running and food management.
A 2 week work back log to catch up with now. Best crack on!



6 responses to “A new start…

  1. Glad things are on the up. Of course, if we don’t have the lows, we can’t possibly appreciate the highs.

  2. Glad to hear you’re ready to get back on track. You can do it Clive.

  3. Good to have you back matey 🙂

  4. Congratulations on all the changes, and I am excited to read and hear about more great things coming from you in the weeks to come. Let’s kick off Day 1 in style and set the tone for so many more good things ahead.


  5. Very nice. I don’t know if I should take the term “bridleway” too literally, but in these parts bicycles are generally not permitted on horse paths. They are also usually not welcome on dirt walkways as they destroy the paths in wet conditions.

  6. That route profile looks like a sure fire way of getting fitter to me dude :0)….Lucky bugger….I need to move further from work and over a few hills now :0)

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