I’m in!

My house move happened on Friday. We’re in. I now have 2 weeks off! Looking forward to the rest… (see what I did there?)

My blogs will be a bit sporadic for a bit while I get stuff sorted. Have fun everyone and Don’t ever stop!


8 responses to “I’m in!

  1. Good news re the house move

  2. Congrats! Enjoy your “rest” and settling in. Hope you get some good rides in also.

    How about some pictures of the new castle?

  3. Glad the house move worked out for you and you are now at your new abode. Look forward to stories of new cycle routes found and ridden

  4. Well done on (finally) getting moved!

  5. Glad the house move worked out, it’s such fun packing and unpacking boxes we did a house move in July to so know the hassle.



  6. Congratulations! Here’s hoping you don’t have too many possessions and it doesn’t kill you to move house.

  7. Moving, I think is like the busiest time there can be. Good luck sir, and bike and post when you can.

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