Yesterday’s pedal home, uphill, on a singlespeed into the 30mph remnants of Hurricane Katia was quite possibly the worst hour I’ve ever endured on a bike. I was broken when I got home. But I did pedal the whole way, even if on the climb up into Northfield and the climb up to the Dingle my forward speed was reduced to 3mph. It hurt.

The wind also treated me to a bit of jungle travel. Just past Winson Green bridge on the canal a tree was down completely blocking the towpath. I had to drag myself and my bike through the branches to carry on my battle into the wind.

Tree down on the towpath

Tree down on the towpath


Into the branches

Into the branches

Dragging my bike through...

Dragging my bike through...

Out the other side.

Out the other side.


I had to use stills from my helmet cam for the pictures above, work has very kindly blocked Youtube from its employers so I can’t show the film.


6 responses to “Horrible…

  1. You must be mad! SS must be challenging enough without Katia against ya too. Well done though, I’d have walked I think lol!

  2. Good character building stuff…as they used to say 🙂

  3. That’s the way ( Don’t ever stop ), well done Clive. It feels great, doesn’t it? When you beat the wind etc..

  4. File this under “Epic Commutes!” You definitely put to test your theory that cycling in the rain is merely a matter of preparation, didn’t you?

  5. Hi Clive,

    Perhaps you should bring a set of webbing with you next time you want to go in the jungle!



    P.S. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Felt just as windy yesterday as well. Cycling slightly downhill through catshill I was on the gearage and ferocity of a hill climb.

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