A tad gusty…

I’m not looking forward to my pedal home later, 25mph headwinds to contend with, uphill on a singlespeed! I enjoyed the tailwind in to work this morning, even though it was raining. Autumn is here, Summer has gone.

The old weight was static again this week, despite the running. I’ll be doing some research to see what I can do differently or better to get it going in the right direction again.


2 responses to “A tad gusty…

  1. Very gusty for me on the way in too but it was fast. Very slow ride home I’m guessing 😦

    The running will help with your strength and fitness but I’m not sure if it’ll help too much with your weight loss. Your heart rate is probably too high for fat burning when running and your body might be getting used to the mileage on the bike. You might need to up it considerably and do so 40-80 mile rides on a regular basis.

  2. What’s your pluse when you are exercising mate? Do you watch it? I think I may start to watch mine, I want to burn fat…I never understood the reason for staying in a certain pluse rate for best fat burning but I found this website on a search, http://www.rippedout.com/fat-burning-heart-rate.php I have been pushing myself hard, maybe too hard and above my range.

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