The rugby continues…

After a full on rugby day yesterday, the theme continues with Dan going to his first ever rugby session at Bees this morning. He’s joining the u7s a year early for tag rugby. The age thing doesn’t matter too much as tag rugby is a non-contact sport concentrating on handling skills on the side, but emphasing fun and play. Anyway, Dan is already as big as the kids a year older than him so it’s no problem.

I’m looking forward to the Colts game v Ledbury this afternoon, should be a good day!

England’s Rugby World Cup campaign got off to it’s usual ropey start against Argentina, a team we historically seem to struggle to play well against. I think I’ll just take the very ugly win and move on. I hesitate to say it, but I really can’t see us playing that badly again. I know that’s tempting fate, but what the hell?

On a brighter note Bees won their first game of the season in a pretty convincing fashion. Physicality and aggression was definately ramped up a few notches and the Cinderford pack was pretty well buried into the Damsen Parkway turf. Much to my delight! More of the same next week please fellers!

My running continued this morning, this much like my cycle commuting is now starting to become “normal” for me. The run over the hills is definately getting easier despite the ramping up of the running program.

Running and cycling at not far short of 48 years old. As a 21 year old rugby player and soldier, if you’d have told me I’d be doing that a few years shy of 50 I’d have taken that!


One response to “The rugby continues…

  1. Well done on the running front, an inspiration as ever. I’d like to try this running lark, not ready yet. Another 12 months should do it I hope

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