Over the hump…

Thursday, one day to go until the Rugby World Cup starts! I’m right excited!

My run went really well yesterday, I feel that I’m making progress and getting used to it again. I can’t say I’m enjoying it as such, I never have, but I’m enjoying the fact I’m actually running again!

A bit of a faff getting the kids to school this morning, wifey has to bugger off somewhere so I am dropping Dan off and pedalling back home on my singlespeed, which at least will account for the continuance of the 30 Days of Biking!


3 responses to “Over the hump…

  1. I’m faffing about, umming and aahing when to start this running lark. I really need to, I tried to run 20 yards or so today, and it’s almost as if I forgotten how, very strange feeling indeed. Quite upsetting if truth be told. Don’t get me wrong, the drudge around the pitch in training was never something I liked, but give me something to chase after, and I loved it. As for the RWC I’m in work for the opening game, and also Wales v South Africa, in bed for the others over the weekend, but the recorder is set!

  2. Imagine my surprise when I learned A) there was a World Cup for rugby and B) USA was in it! I understand we have a good shot at winning a game in pool play. That would be nice. Good luck beating the Kiwis at home. I think their song and dance routine is annoying and hope you give them a good thrashing.

  3. Thanks for commenting as always Gents, love reading them!

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