Time flies!

Unbelieveably, (well to me anyway), The Spawn of Satan, aka my son Dan starts school today. I don’t know where the time has gone. I hope the staff there have a strategy for controlling hyper active very willful lads! I think the lack of male teachers in Primary Schools here in England is a massive problem. I’ll stop there. That nearly descended into politics!

Dan's first day at school

Dan's first day at school

I’ll be out on my run, day 2 of week five later and plan to do a little jaunt on my singlespeeder just to keep the 30 days of biking going. the last 2 days have felt like cheating, but I think I said that back in April too!

It’ll be a night in tonight, no rugby coaching, which has been all dominant for the past 3 days. Quite glad of the rest to be honest. It was a cracking session with Bees Colts last night, the lads are a very impressive group, I feel a bit of a fraud being asked to run this band of brothers, they’ve clearly been well coached, have all the ability, sense of immortality that you expect of youth and are quite a challenging bunch. While I have spotted a few things I can improve, all the credit must go to their earlier bosses!



3 responses to “Time flies!

  1. Its funny seeing the picture of your Dan. We have a similar one of our grandson Tim who started school on Monday. His uniform is almost the same. You talk about time flying we have a photo of his dad starting school, he’s 32 now!

  2. Our lad turned one today, he is just started sofa surfing so walking won’t be long! Dunno how we are gonna keep an eye on him, he’s not everything already just by pulling himself along the floor!

  3. Time does fly with kids, our son started secondary school on Monday, seems only 5 minutes ago it was his first day at school. Just spent the last 5 minute checking is sports bag ready for PE tomorrow

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