And so a week ends…

It has indeed been a funny week, in more ways than one. But it’s over now.

My pedal home went pretty well yesterday although I was tired  before I jumped on my bike, I did liven up as the pedal went on though.

I’m tired this morning, Dan was up twice in the night, he goes downstairs to play with his toys, lets the dogs out and generally creates mayhem. Not what you want at 0245hrs then 0350hrs. Especially when you have to be up at 0500hrs! I’m seriously thinking of putting a lock on his bedroom door!

I’ve updated the “my bikes” page with some pics of my stable, that as they say is it!


2 responses to “And so a week ends…

  1. Cure all gaffer tape works very well on small children and you have the bonus of it not damaging the paint work like fitting a new lock would 😉

    Very impressed with the stable, looks a grand collection

  2. Four bikes, all of them very nice. I need to get to work!

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