Funny week so far…

My routine has been buggered about by work this week.

Monday – Day off, August Bank holiday.

Tuesday – Pedal in, but home in works vehicle due to meeting on Wednesday in Bristol.

Wednesday – Meeting in Bristol.

Thurday – Drive to work in works vehicle, pedal home.

Friday – Drive to work in family car due to circumstances.

But I’ve been doing my runs and work outs so I have been getting my excercise in.

Tonight is coaching at Bees which is ramping up nicely first our game on Sunday. So it’ll be organisational stuff to work on and pick a team!


One response to “Funny week so far…

  1. Clive,
    You are doing it! Remember – just doing SOMETHING each day is better than doing nothing.

    Whether it’s only a 10K ride, or even a 100 meter walk. So long as you do something – you keep the train moving in the right direction.

    Good on ya.

    Now, check out this story about my boy:

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