The Bank Holiday Weekend starts here.

Okey dokey, a good weekend ahead and after a full on week of pedalling, core work and running the great weekend involves that other vitally important bit of training, that of resting!

But first I have a site visit today to get out of the way then sort my bikes out this afternoon, then chill.

Tomorrow is the opening day of the Rugby season, which means me and Dan will be at Bees to watch the first match v Ealing Trailfinders. A team I know nothing about as they were promoted to National 1 at the end of last season. After that me and my mukka Ski will be off to the Dodford Inn to have our usual start of the season coaches meeting to plan our strategy for months ahead. oh, and maybe have a beer or 2! We’ll probably find time to watch a recording of Ireland v England too, not holding out too much hope of England being on the right side of that scoreline.

Sunday is promising to be a bit special. We’re off to Gloucester for this. Looks like it will be brilliant!

As for Monday? Dunno…

Yesterday’s pedal home went ok, that’s my first week of singlespeeding done and as I alluded to before I can certainly feel it in my legs. My final day of week 3 in my running program was done immediatly on arrival at home too. Not to sure what to make of it to be honest, I did feel a bit heavy legged, probably the singlespeeding I guess but I got round ok.

As it’s a full on few days, I’ll be back on Tuesday, so everyone have a great weekend and I’ll see you then, tara a bit!



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