Wetter than a fishes wet bits…

I may have used that title before, early senility see. Anyway I awoke this morning to a very slight drizzle, ah well crack on, I didn’t bother waterproofing up as it is still pretty warm here in  Birmingham.

The spray off the roads was terrible and when I got on to the canal I realised just how much rain must have fell over night, the towpath was as full of standing water (read one long 3″ deep puddle) as I ever seen it and by the time I came off just by work I was covered in muddy gritty towpath grime. My socks were squelching in my shoes and I was generally blacker than the Ace of Spades.

Added on to this, was a bit of entertainment traffic wise while I was opening up work. The road I work on has a dip in it about 50 yards further along, it had totally flooded, the local Bobbies were turning traffic around and generally causing well meant mayhem. Watching 2 articulated lorries attempting to do U turns in a normal street was brilliant! One nearly got wedged! But I suppose not being able to pass due to a flood or a wedged artic doesn’t really matter, you still can’t pass.

The pedal home yesterday was certainly drier and nowhere near as incident packed but done against a pig of a head wind! As I’m coming to the end of my first week singlespeeding I have to report I can certainly feel the difference in my legs. I haven’t for a while felt any of my commutes in my legs, I’m 4 days in now and my legs have that all to familiar ache which I guess means it’s working me harder. Which also means it must be doing me some good.

The trip home later will be my last pedal this week. I have a site visit tomorrow, but I’ll be doing my upper body and core work out which I also did last night. Those iPhone Apps are sadistic bastards! The press ups are continuing a pace, as are the sit ups, but Holy Mother of God are the planks making me work! Day 3 week 3 of my running program this evening too.

Still working on altering the timings of the food intake too, but the logistics are causing me one or two problems.


One response to “Wetter than a fishes wet bits…

  1. I think your over night rain has passed our way this morning. After my cycle in I am wet in places I did’nt know I had places. My shoes and socks will still be wet for the ride home, but the sun may be out by then!

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