Sunday Update.

Well, another static weight week. I’m feeling good, pedalling and doing my excercises and I’ve just come back from day 1 week 3 of my running program. Me this morning just back off my run.

Back off my run

I think I’m going to have to look a bit closer at my food intake. I am eating the right things, maybe a look at when I’m eating.

I’ll be on the canal commute via NCR 5 tomorrow on my singlespeeder, looking forward to that!


4 responses to “Sunday Update.

  1. When did you get a singlespeed? I knew you were singlespeeding a while back, but have you made a purchase of one, if so I’m really interested of how you decided what set up to get. Cheers.

  2. First-timer nosing through the blog. Re: heart problems – Do you drink much coffee? Try reducing, quitting- it may be the cause.


  3. Good luck on the weight loss. I’ve started training for next season, doing some running here and there. The one thing I’m enjoying most is skipping to be honest. Gives your legs a good workout, and gets your heart rate up.

  4. What a handsome devil!

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