End of the week.

Drove in this morning as I have to transport some kit home that would have required a trailer for my bike if I was pedalling. A trailer is a bit of kit I haven’t got, so the internal combustion engine won the day.

I did my run yesterday, felt pretty good, I did notice a tiny improvement, I actually felt myself running a bit quicker! Core and upper body when I get in later. And the dreaded weigh in. I know I’ve been here before but the weight isn’t coming off quickly enough. I know I’m eating correctly and I know I’m excercising enough, but I feel like I’ve stalled. I’m not down or depressed about it because I feel pretty good in myself, I just need to work out a way kick start the steady losses again. It seems 7 stones (98Ibs) lost is a bit of a speed bump for me. I will get it moving again.

No Dodford InnĀ tonight, which I’m a bit pissed off about, wifey needed to buy school uniforms for the kids for the start of the new term next month. A budget is a budget!


4 responses to “End of the week.

  1. Keep it going…….”When the going gets tough..”etc., my weight loss stalled years ago, but I’m a lazy barstard, but you’re doing exercises, so I’m having a go.

  2. Have you tried getting your body fat measured. It could be that your body fat is reducing but your weight isn’t. That’s what I’m doing now.

  3. Sorry to hear that the weekly beer ration was confiscated for other things. But that’s an admirable family discipline to recognize and make such trades. Can’t say as we’re quite so attentive to such details, and our bank balance shows it.

  4. I think Toby may be on to something. Keep up the workouts and keep eating right. Everything else will take care of itself.

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