I got to thinking this morning while I was being passed by various cars and vans on my way in at early O’Clock that Wednesday always seems busier in Birmingham traffic wise than any other day. Today was a good example, loads of vehicles passing me and coming the other way, I was stopped at junctions and islands I never usually get stopped at and there was always a queue, albeit a small one at the various traffic lights I go through. This is not a new phenomenon to me, it is something I’ve noticed over the years on my various Brummie commutes to various places of work by various means of transport. Common sense would dictate that Monday and Fridays would be the busy days, but they always seem to be quieter than Wednesdays. Wierd.

Bit of an off topic piece that, sorry, but despite the extra traffic, my commute was without incident, if bloody freezing! I succumbed to a base layer this morning and was pretty glad I did. What was noticeable was the very definite and alarming drop in temperature when I cycled out of the built up area and into the countryside, it was like pedalling into a fridge!

Yesterday’s pedal home was done ok even if I was fighting a nasty headwind. But I was overtaken at a rate of knots by anorexic roadie who I haven’t seen in a while going up the hill to Northfield. I did reel him in a bit on the downhill as I was clearly faster than him there, but the next uphill saw him vanish into the distance. One day mate, one day…

It was run time when I got in, trainers and shorts on and straight off on route around the Waseley Hills. Quite a bit of uphill running, but I’ll pay that price for the solitude, views and lack of pavement.

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