Here we are again…

It’s getting to the stage where I cannot remember if I’ve used the same title for my Blogs anymore. Monday, 0621hrs sat here at work, “here we are again” seemed appropriate, but have I used it before? Does it matter? Why am I mentioning any of this?

The Spawn of Satan showed no after effects yesterday from his unscheduled off on Saturday, he pedalled around the lake at Arrow Valley Park in Redditch with his sister with no problems at all. His Mom and I wandered around at our own pace picking Blackberries for Sunday lunch pudding. Wifey made a Blackberry and Pear tart. The pears are from one of our fruit trees in our garden, and very nice they are too! It was fun watching the yachts/dinghies/boats or whatever their official title is having a race while we were picking fruit. Very exciting! Especially for this bloke below!


The pedal in this morning was a standard affair over the Beeches, but it was bloody cold! Winter draws on as they say. I wish I’d got a base layer on. But as the skies were clear I’m sure I’ll be sweating for England on my way home this afternoon.

3 responses to “Here we are again…

  1. Heard on the radio this morning, the weather guys reckon Summer is over, which is of some concern as I must have missed it. So its get out the winter gear and we can dream of the warmer day to come next April!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sailing is my other sporting passion. Great fun.

  3. Fresh blackberry and pear tart made by your sweetie? Sounds perfect!

    Thanks for the great description of your day. I’m envious.

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