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Bit everything to talk about today. I had a good day at Bees yesterday, met up with some friends who I haven’t seen for a while and met some folk for the first time who I’ve conversed with via Twitter & Facebook! Dan had a good time, running around with the other kids there who included his cousin George who was brought down by my cousin Ade accompanied by Ade’s Dad Doug who I’m glad to see is doing well after the recent death of his wife. 

Less said about the game the better, but I think Eugene and Rusty the Bees coaches have plenty to work on! And the less said about Wales v England game the better. Suffice it to say, England would not have scored a try even if they were still playing now and Wales had gone home! I could go into my solutions and diagnoses of what’s wrong but it would turn into a multi page rant! So I won’t…

My lad Dan had a big off yesterday, he was pedalling around the block with his sister, I was watching the rugby and I got a text from Fay saying “come quick Dad, Dan has his foot stuck by the Waseley Gate”, so I grabbed my bike out of the garage and steamed around the corner to find Dan on his back, leg stuck between the crank and frame and blood all over him. There was a lady passer by assisting, but his leg was stuck fast! A quick assessment, which involved thinking about the Fire Brigade, getting my tool box, hacksawing the frame or blasting back home to get some washing up liquid ensued. The washing up liquid option won, so back home, bottle out of the kitchen, then raced back to the scene. A quick squirt and a good hard yank and his leg was free. A very distressed Dan said “I never want to ride my bike ever again!” We got him home and dressed his wounds which included a gash on his head and grazed knees and elbows and he was ok if a little quiet for the rest of the evening. Which was nice in all fairness, but having Dan crash to keep him quiet isn’t really an option! He’s right as rain today.

So on to today, I’ve just completed Day 1 of week 2 of the Couch to 5K running plan, a slight step up in intensity, but nothing I couldn’t handle, actually the word intensity is laughable, when I think back to what I used to do in the military and during my rugby playing days, but no sense in looking back eh?

Normal commute tomorrow.


5 responses to “Life the Universe & Everything…

  1. Poor Dan, still your not a proper cyclist till youve had an off eh? Glad to hear he is ok. Well done on the running, given me something else to aim for too 🙂

  2. Glad to hear your lads OK and its nothing serious my youngest has to have a plaster on with the slightest scratch, I think he has some sort of plaster fetish or its a cunning ruse as I then get ” I cant get in the bath dad my plaster will come off”

  3. Kids’ eh? We get all traumatised, and next thing you know they’re back to normal. I still cringe at some of the falls my lads had, anyone else I was fine, but if the blood involved my boys I was next to useless, and it was all handed over to her indoors, while I did something helpful, like repeatedly walking up and down the stairs. No joking! Wales v. England, the southern hemisphere must be laughing their socks off, and can’t wait to get at us. I was only able to watch the highlights last week, and yesterday, so my view was rather disjointed but…… The first game looked so pedestrian, and the second just total ineptitude. Heroic defense isn’t going to win the world cup, just the same as the inability to score tries isn’t. Progress crap! For both teams.

  4. I have found that refusing to acknowledge the significance of the injury helps the little ones get on with things. You can arrive at an accident and see a kid covered with blood and holding his severed hand up to you and if you say something like, “That’s not so bad. We’ll get this cleaned up in no time,” it does wonders!

  5. Glad to hear Dan is OK. My kids have both fallen off and bled. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, as the saying goes.

    Good to hear the running is going OK. I start week 9 tomorrow.

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