Time to rest…

Fat chance! I got up to Dan having pulled the curtains down in the front window. That’s putting the curtain rail back up this morning then. And that’s him grounded this morning as punishment, no bike ride for him!

If time allows I may get out but it’s looking unlikely.

Rugby has started with avengeance, I was coaching on Thursday at Bees where we restarted the Colts side. That’s the U19s, for reasons that are now long in the past, we went through a season or 2 without this vital transitional age group.

The club asked me to step up to the plate to lead it and with the invaluable help of my mukka Ski we are now up and running.

To be brutally honest with everything going on at the moment I wasn’t looking forward to it. Indeed, I have been toying with the idea of giving up coaching completely, but getting out onto the grass on Thursday was just the tonic I needed, I am re-energised and raring to go! It is a lot of work though. Sessions to plan, video to analyse, players to profile and presentations to organise. But, if you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t have joined!

Today is rugby based too, I’ll be off with Dan to go to Bees to watch the first pre season friendly of the main squad. They’re playing Camarthan Quins and I’ll be able to get back home in time to watch Wales v England in their second Rugby World Cup warm up game on TV.

Happy Days!

Just to finish, have a bimble over to Darryl’s excellent “Loving the Bike” site and have a nose at this, there may be some one you recognise on there!


One response to “Time to rest…

  1. Already bimbled to “Loving the Bike”, put in my pennyworth to try and win a shirt. It seemed you’ve stepped up to a very full plate there, good luck with it all.

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