Excercise revision.

On the basis that I was officially in bits yesterday from my new core work out, I’m going to do that workout every other day as opposed to every day like I said yesterday. Even getting in and out of my chair last night was a struggle!

My pedalling to and from work is now so routine as almost not to be worth commenting on. I get to every place pretty much within a minute or two as I normally do, unexpected incidents notwithstanding. For the record it was a QE, Bristol Road pedal home and a Beeches, Harbourne pedal in this morning.

I wasn’t going to comment on the events happening here in Birmingham and across a few other cities in England, politics and religion always stir up feelings that are in my opinion best left unstirred. So I’ll restrict myself to what I saw.

Yesterday’s pedal home was peaceful, with just a few extra Police Cars in evidence, but Northfield was awash with Bobbies on foot. It all seemed good humoured and normal apart from the larger presence.

This morning’s pedal was peaceful, I just saw quite few discarded coat hangers in Harbourne, (make your own judgement call as why they were there) but when I got to Cape Hill the road I wanted was closed by police, all taped off and with a ruck of Bobbies stagging on. I spoke to the one Bobby who asked me very politely where I was going, I explained that I wanted the road across the taped off area as I needed to get to work. He let me through. But not after he’d said he’s had a very busy night and he was from another Force brought in to assist West Midlands Police. I knew that by his accent & his helmet badge though. I wished him and colleagues well and carried on to work. I have just discovered via Twitter that the area was taped off due to a fatal RTA. 3 guys killed by a car. I don’t know if the RTA was related to the ongoing incidents at the moment.

Edit: Just found out a murder investigation is under way.

Sad, shameful times.


One response to “Excercise revision.

  1. Be safe, my friend. Exercise is good. Exercise which places you in harm’s way is not so good.

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