Very quick blast around the hills.

After pootling around the hills with Dan the last few days it was nice to be able to get out for an hour before I have to work (from home) and pedal at my pace and ride stuff instead of walking it.

Not that I don’t enjoy the excursions with Dan you understand!

Here’s me on top of the Waseley’s this morning, the camera is pointing South West. Oh and by the way, have you noticed the MTB?

Whoop whoop!

Parked at the top of the Lickey's
I’ll be back on my normal commute tomorrow sat on my now quiet Giant Defy. After re-lubing the headset and discovering that the creak was in fact coming from my front gear cable. I had to swap the cable completely, both the inner and outer and replace the plastic ferrule with a steel one. That has done the trick.

To finish, here’s a video of Dan cleaning the little slope yesterday that he creamed in on the day before.


One response to “Very quick blast around the hills.

  1. Very nice. I trust you will check the news before heading out tomorrow morning. Very unfortunate events unfolding in your neck of the woods.

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