Standard Commute

I pedalled home yesterday in the sun and warmth and sweated for England during and after the journey, the only incident of note was a first for me. While pedalling hard out of the saddle up the nasty climb towards what used to be the site of the old Dingle Pub, (but is now a retirement home) I had a bout of cramp in my right calf muscle, so much so I had to sit down and pedal the rest of the hill favouring my left leg while the cramp eased, I pootled the rest of the way home instead of going for it as I usually do. It was a shock to rediscover calf muscles!

This morning’s trip in was done in the grey and accompanying drizzle, but it was still warm so as soon as the drizzle landed on me it evaporated almost immediatley. I was wetter through sweat than the rain!

I’ve started to notice an annoying creak coming from the headset of my Giant Defy, maybe a dismantle and regrease is in order!

4 responses to “Standard Commute

  1. Clive, you could be on the slippery slope to a complete strip and rebuild!

    I forget how many creaks, knocks, clicks etc. I have heard that sounded like they came from a particular area of the bike only to continue after attention was paid to that area. The noise generally came from somewhere completely unrelated to where it sounded like it came from.

    Best of luck!

  2. I know that one mate, I actually do think it’s the headset as when I stop pedalling it’s still there, but sometimes I think it’s the BB then I think it’s my SPDs, DOH!

  3. Last annoying creak I had was the seat rail’s where they attached to the seat post…

    Took me ages to track it down…Solution was simple, remove saddle, apply grease to rails and refit…silence resumed 🙂

    The touring pedals I use develop a squeak every couple of hundred miles, a spray of WD40 and grease solves them 🙂

    I get really irritated when my bikes make noises, unless its the lovely drone of high speed tyre on asphalt of course 🙂

  4. Clive I cant reply to your twitter question on twitter cos you don’t follow me but yes about 12 llb. unless im doing summat wrong I am a twitter virgin

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