All lit up…

I had to be in work mega early today, I started my Garmin at 0422hrs. This meant lights on my bike, this I don’t like, this means Autumn is gamboling out of control towards us. It also meant that it was my first ride on my Giant Defy in it’s now new role as sole commuter. It’s dual role as best road bike now gone the way of my Ebay Special.

I did a quick blast in over Frankley Beeches and through Harbourne, this was done without incident, except for a strange one in the lane over the Beeches, a lad in his early teens pedalling a BMX without lights going the opposite way to me. This would be at around 0430hrs. The mind boggles, what the hell are his parents (or who ever has responsibility for him) thinking? That troubled me, I’m now pondering about whether I should have spoken to him to see if he was ok, or at least advised about lights on his bike. But I would only have been told to f**k off I don’t doubt.

Thanks for all the comments and helpful suggestions about Solicitors yesterday. I will keep you updated as and when, but obviously I need to consider operational security with regards to any actions (if any) that we may take. I just don’t know who reads this blog!

Mainly wasters and reprobates as far as I can tell…LOL!

To finish, just check the video out on Matt’s site, amazing! Not sure how I’d get on with it though…


5 responses to “All lit up…

  1. 4.22??? Lights??? OMG.

  2. Wasters and reprobates of the world unite I say!

  3. Ohhh am I a Waster or a Reprobate? Or am I a completely different class of weirdo?

  4. No one has ever called me a waster before…

  5. @Toby, best part of the day.

    @Fuzzy, with you there mate!

    @JB, you are definately in a class of your own!

    @Steve, glad I contribute a unique experience to you many & varied life!

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