Working from home today.

Got another test at the hospital to check out my chest pains, which by coincidence were particularly active last night.

 Then I have to do battle with the solicitors regarding our house move. This is a biggie, the error they’ve made could put the move in jeopardy. I hope they see some common sense. But as we all know with common sense, it ain’t that common!

Just really concerned about wifey, we’re now in last straw and end of tether territory, I really don’t know how much more she can take.

2 responses to “Working from home today.

  1. Hi Clive

    sorry to hear about your continuing problems with your house sale. I know you are mad busy, and may not have the time, but if you can spare an evening I recommend you read “The Conveyancing Fraud” by Michael Joseph. On sale very cheaply at Amazon. I do not suggest that conveyancing is a fraud, or that you should do your own conveyancing, but this simple, easy to read and understand book will give you a really useful insight into the whole process, and will allow you to speak with more authority to the solicitors and estate agents. Trust me, you wont regret it.
    best wishes

  2. I agree with Richard G, why do solicitors make so many mistakes though, that is the question. The answer is that most people don’t hold them accountable. My last move was ruiined by a solicitor’s error, it cost me days and money, I took a complaint to the Solicitors’ complaints authority, the name’s probably changed. Just take them all the way, the solicitor had to apologise, pay all my expenses and pay me compensation. Don’t let it go! Stress is a terrible thing, unknowingly you could be suffering, make sure the docs know what’s happening, best of luck, Cheers.

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