Catching up.

Been a bit busy with not very nice stuff since Fay’s Sunday flight. To cut a long story short I had chest pains (again) and ended up in hospital. Bottom line, no problems with the heart (again) and they don’t know what’s causing it. I’ll be undergoing a battery of tests to try to find out what it is. I am still not convinced and it’s playing on my mind quite badly.

Enough of the negative stuff.

Fay’s flight was brilliant on Sunday, my mate Wilksee and the good folk at Hadair did us proud. While Fay was up, young Midge kept Dan occupied by letting him loose on all of their aircraft, even to the point of plonking him in the cockpit of one and pushing him around the apron. He had the headphones on and everything. He was totally blown away with it!

Dan in the C42

We went for a wander around the airfield and had a nose at the other aircraft.

Fay and Dan in front of the C42

Liz and Dan on a derelict Piper Aztec

The plane above, a Piper Aztec, built in 1965 has a fascinating history, built and registered in the States it flew from LA then came over to the UK the early 70s and flew for Air London it’s registration is G – ATFF, it has been stood at Halfpenny Green since 2006. A crying shame. A bit of history and pictures here and here and here .

Dan in the flex.

Fay airbourne!

Fay loved her flight and flew the whole hop herself, even helping with the landing!

Footage below of the take off, Wilksee showing off again!

I can just hear him on the radio, (Cue Top Gun music) “Permission for a fly by Halfpenny Green Tower?”

“Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full!”

3 responses to “Catching up.

  1. Re. the ticker – YOU are the best judge. Stay on ’em ’til they get it right and best of luck.

    Re. the flying – wow, looks like great fun and experience.



  2. So, was that your girl flying a plane?? That’s amazing.

    Watch the heart, my friend. I hope the docs figure out what is going on, but glad that the pains aren’t related to “heart trouble”.

  3. Hope you find out what the pains are.

    Congrats to your daughter. I’ve always thought I’d like to have a go at flying.

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