Take to the skies!

That’s what my daughter Fay will be doing today. If a week late!

She’ll be going on an air experience flight with my mate Wilksee (Steve Wilkes) who is owner and Chief Flying Instructor at Hadair.

Hadair is based over at Halfpenny Green Airfield just the other side of Stourbridge. If you recall me and my mukka Ski pedalled there last year and I got a sneaky hop in! Story here and here!

She should have gone last weekend which was her birthday, but as we all know the weather was awful, but the met is looking tip top today so she’ll have a great time. Speaking to Wilksee I know she’ll be doing some of the flying herself!


2 responses to “Take to the skies!

  1. I would imagine it wasn’t that long ago that you were cautiously teaching her how to drive a car. They grow up quickly, don’t they?

  2. She’s just 14 Steve, flying before driving! Who’da thunk it? But you’re right, they do grow up quickly!

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