What a day yesterday!

I’m never ceased to be amazed at how the smallest chance comment can lead to potentially life altering situations. Yesterday was a classic example.

As you are all probably aware we have been enduring a terrible time with our attempted house move. I don’t normally say words like “attempted” or “try” as they’re the handmaidens of failure, but in a house move where so much is actually out of your control and you’re at the mercy of others whims and inefficiencies then “attempt” and “try” are the only words that work.

To recap the whole sorry tale very briefly, we’d sold our house and got a house to go to. Then our buyer’s buyer failed to get a mortgage and so our sale went tits up so we had to re sell very quickly. Which amazingly we did 2 weeks ago. Then last week the people selling the house we wanted panicked and pulled out and we were left with a sale going through at top speed and potentially nowhere to move to! Stress! Not a good week to say the least.

Anyway, wifey had organised a few viewings for us but in reality we were resigned to staying put as the only places left were either too small or too expensive.

One of the places was way out of our price range but wifey was curious about that particular area so she arranged a viewing. Then yesterday morning while chatting, she said that she’d cancel it as we couldn’t afford it anyway so what’s the point going? The weather was crap, we were struggling for things to occupy us so I just came out with the ultimate throw away comment. “Let’s go anyway, it’ll kill a bit of time and anyway it’s not fair on the folks organising it to muck them about.”

So we went. We liked the house as we knew we would. Shh, don’t tell wifey I said this, but she fell head over heels in love with it. So much so that much that we put a cheeky offer on it, way below the asking price knowing there was no way the vendor would go for it. But what the hell?

What the hell indeed, they accepted, we couldn’t believe it. So the bottom line is we have a quick sale going through for our house, there is no problem with a quick purchase as the house we are buying is in fact unoccupied. All of this just because I said lets go look anyway, not really caring if we did or we didn’t!

But we know the vaguaries of the real estate business only too well, nothing is ever straight forward. We have arrived at a desicion. If this goes belly up we are staying put, we are not going to carry on enduring this whole business any longer. The sense of relief is quite palpable.

Onto today, we’re off to the Dodford for a meal to celebrate my daughter Fay’s 14th birthday and also Mum in Law’s birthday. The weather is just as dreadful as yesterday so no pedalling.

4 responses to “What a day yesterday!

  1. Nightmare mate, feel for you, we had similar prob on this house, most stressful time ever but stick with it

  2. Hope this one stays on track for you Clive!!

  3. I am so excited for you and your wife. I really hope that this house deal works out, but if not, then staying put will put this instability behind you. My thoughts are with you, Clive. Please keep us posted.

  4. Congratulations!

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