To descend into yoof speak, if you’ll allow me… “I’m SO not going for a bike ride today!”

I’ve just looked out of the window and it’s torrential rain and a howling gale. The Romsley Hill 10 miler will have to wait. Tomorrow weather permitting.

Ok, weight update, not brilliant, but not as bad as I’ve feared it would be, a 3Ibs raise. It ain’t the bike, it’s the grub. As usual.

The scales don’t lie. It just re-emphasises, underlines in bold and shouts from the rooftops everything I already knew and really struggle with when times are difficult. It ain’t the excercise that loses the weight, it’s controlling what goes in your gob! As Jasper Carrot once said in one of his stand up routines about fatties years ago, “Your hole in your arse is smaller than your hole in your face!”  Think about it folks…

I popped in to my LBS yesterday on the way home and my new project is coming along nicely, I’m hoping for some progress to post some initial piccies next week.


2 responses to “WHOA!!!!

  1. A 3 lb raise after all you’ve been through is amazing. In a similar amount of time, I’ve gained much more.

    But we both know that it comes off again pretty quickly when you focus on the grub (as you say). Eat well, my friend.

  2. Clive a 3llb gain since your last weigh in is nothing I can put that on in a day with Guiness and pork pies !!!. The main point is staying focused and motivated as I have proved this week with a 3 llb loss……….. heres to next week

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