The day of truth…

I’ll be stepping on the scales this afternoon, a bit aprehensive truth be told after the nightmare 6 months we’ve had. What I would say is that the clothes I’d slimmed down to still fit me and I stayed on the bike despite everything carreering out of control around me. It was, as is usual, the food discipline that slipped.

Anyhow, moving swiftly on. The commutes yesterday both went well and I was extrememly grateful to a very good friend of mine Daz from the rugby club giving valuable assistence with the impending bike news that will be published maybe in the next 2 weeks. So ta very much mate!

I’m not an out and out cycle sports fan, but as is tradition in Chez Chapman we all sit down and watch the Tour highlights every evening. This year is no exception and once again we are all amazed at the sheer courage of the riders in the face of carnage all around them. I had a pretty bad crash a month ago as you know and I needed time off work, those boys just crack on! Hard men indeed.

I’m pleased Cav is in Green and I was willing the young Taff on yesterday, but bless him he blew up with a few Km to go. I can’t call a GC winner, but the Shlecks and Sammy look pretty strong. Don’t write Cadel off either. Contador doesn’t look like a winner to me this year though. Good! (Did I say that out loud?)

Ok for all you real cyclists out there here’s a question. My question is based around the many etiquettes of road riding of which I know there’s a few. I’ve never cycled in a massive group before, like for instance the Peloton. Maybe 3 or 4 other bikes has always been my limit. What do you do about snot rockets? How do you deal with them in a mass Peloton? Just unload and damn the consequences? Make your way to the side of the Peloton and snot away? I need to know this stuff! I was watching the climb up the Tourmalet and the thought suddenly occurred, I’m like that.


7 responses to “The day of truth…

  1. Second day in a row you made me laugh. 🙂 Keep pedaliing and good luck with the weigh in

  2. How bizarre, I noticed that as well. On the climbs, only the guy on the front of the various strewn out groups seemed to be giving it the hack, perhaps that’s how they do it? Front or side. I’m in agreement on Mr Beef Products as well, bring on the next mountain top finish.

  3. Robin Crampton

    I know there is all the drug stuff about the tour, but when it comes to the mountain stages, I’d like anyone to show me a more exciting spectical. Hack to your hearts content I say. Good luck with the weigh in mate. I could do with some of it myself. I’m affraid as my miles go up so does the food intake, and its not always the best of choices.

  4. LOL… very entertaining Clive, as always. When I ride with a big group it’s a social event so it’s considered bad from to slob your neighbor, not sure about he rules on a race course.

    Good luck with the weigh in.

  5. Good luck with the weigh-in, Clive. Despite the challenges you’ve endured, you “never stopped”…true to your motto. Well done.

  6. Good luck with the weigh in Clive and never mind the snot rockets but is it just me who thinks Thomas Voeckler looks like the green goblin in Spiderman obviously only in yellow

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