Beeches blast

I finally bit the bullet and got back on my road bike this morning for a blast in over Frankley Beeches. It was the first time since my crash on the 13th of June that I’ve thrown my leg over it. But that doesn’t mean I’ve been ignoring it. Oh no.

New wheels on my wagon...

I finally got around to fitting the wheels I had off Rafe, as my Shimano RS20s are destined for another purpose. Say no more, nudge nudge, wink wink.

The gory details about them are here, copied and pasted from Rafe’s original advert, cough, er, I mean email. 

     * Hubs – Shimano Ultegra 6600

     * Rear Hub Shimano 8, 9 & 10 Speed Compatible

     * Hub Finish – Polished

     * Includes Shimano Ultegra Quick Release Wheel Skewers

     * Wheel Sizes – 700c

     * Front & Rear Wheels Included

     * Clincher Rims – Requires Tyres & Tubes

     * Spokes – ACI Stainless Steel Double Butted

     * Spoke Count – 32 Per Wheel

     * Rims – Mavic CXP33

     * Rim Colour – Black

     * Great Top Level Aero Wheelset

     * Suitable For Road Training – Road Riding – Light Cyclo Cross Use

I put the original cassette from my RS20s on there as the RS20s are getting a new one and whacked some Schwalbe Blizzard Sport 23s on them and I was good to go. They look pretty good and will serve me well as commuting wheels for the crappy bus and wagon eroded roads around Birmingham.

I can’t say I noticed too much of a difference in ride quality on the pedal in. Maybe a slight (and I do mean slight) lack of kick on the hill over the Beeches, but maybe that was me and my weakness at 0500hrs of a morning!

Looking forward to a good week of pedalling now.


7 responses to “Beeches blast

  1. Morning mate;
    Have you ever thought of upgrading your tyres? Seems a shame to put Blizzard Sports on them new wheels, ( I have got some myself and find them “dull” to say the least). Just an opinion, all the best.

  2. They’re pretty puncture resistent, that’s my priority on a commuter Andy.

  3. hello mate; Point taken, but there are still much better options out there, albeit slightly more expensive, that in my opinion would give the same ,if not better protection and a better ride, ie rolling resistance.Suppose in the end “you pays your money ” well you know the rest. all the best.

  4. Always open to suggestions feller, I certainly ain’t the fount of all knowledge! 🙂

  5. Luvverly jubbly my old son, looking good for everyday commuting. A really nice looking bike!

  6. Very nice. And I like the Monty Python reference as well!

  7. Ahhhhh michelin krylion carbon’s the hardest wearing tyres I have ever used!

    The only tyres I don’t have to replace before they are worn out! They are fast rolling, excellent puncture resistance and very resistant to nicks and cuts.

    As you know I do a few miles and they are my summer tyre of choice 🙂

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