I beat the rain in! Hah!

The usual pedal along the cut in, again no-one around which as it’s 0500hrs is not too surprising. I gave my Garmin Edge 800 a work out by following a course which was one of last weeks pedals in. Oh, sorry, I forgot to say I brought the Edge off Joby from the much missed biking to work blog. He’s still blogging but here. He made me an offer I didn’t understand and I accepted. (Still waiting for the cadence pedal sensor mate).

The Edge doesn’t like me pedalling along the cut, it kept trying to get me back on the road even though the course was one I rode last week exactly the same way. I assumed it’d just follow merrily along the pre ridden course. Maybe I’m not using it right.

Nice bit of kit though, looking forward to an off road bit of nav in the hills and bridleways.

Just as a bit of a tease, there will be some bike news shortly. Plus a weigh in Friday. Not looking forward to that.


4 responses to “I beat the rain in! Hah!

  1. Nice one on beating the rain! so did I 🙂

    The Edge 705 I had from Joby (Is he a Garmin dealer?) is great, but the routing can be odd, not sure if it is a Garmin wide thing or what. If I use a .tcx course and follow that, everything is great, but if I use a .gpx it screams at me, locks up and generally drives me nuts. I know Rafe and JB also use .tcx files on their various Garmin. just a thought for you.

  2. I save them from Ride with GPS as .TCX, then the 800 seems to convert them to .FIT?

    But the course I followed this morning was one I used from an original route I did with this 800 last week and just named it in the 800 as a course. So it had been on the route before. Weird…

  3. Edge 800!!?? – Now I have gadget envy!

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