Day off 2.

Another walk with wifey and the dogs. Yesterday’s walk was great fun if very hot and sweaty. We were grateful for the shade!

Back on the commute tomorrow.


3 responses to “Day off 2.

  1. So glad to hear that wifey is recovering well. I’m just catching up and was startled until I got caught up. Give her our well wishes.

  2. Clive I have been following your blog for some time, I was inspired by your post on the 29th June and have took the plunge to public weight loss and started a blog, hope I can do as good as yourself, keep it up

  3. BC – Thanks mate, appreciated.

    Mark – Send me the link to your new blog and I’ll stick it up on my blogroll for you. The more people who read it the better. Also it’ll help me stay on the straight and narrow. A team game this blogging/weightloss thing! Glad you took the plunge!

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