Solitary Bimbling

That was my commute in along the cut this morning. Very enjoyable. Quite the opposite was my journey home yesterday afternoon, the canal through Brindley Place was rammed with pedestrians all walking along at a snails pace. It had a very detrimental effect on my time home, which as I having a race with myself via my Garmin was bloody typical! I destroyed myself to catch up with my virtual partner and ended after my bimble through Brindley Place 2.5 minutes down at the end of my race. The price of the bimbling tourists!

On the subject of the word “Bimble” it has been commented on a lot by various folks over the history of this blog who have never heard it before and I thought I’d explain it to you. It basically means wandering at your leisure.

I first came across it in the Army. Actually at 8 Signal Regiment which was based at Vimy Lines Catterick Garrison at the time.

As you’re probably aware, the Military speak a different language and that language has many dialects depending on what Corps, Regiment or Service you are in.

There are plenty of ways in the military of describing getting from one location to another.

For example:

The Parachute Regiment “TAB”, which is an acronym of Tactical Advance to Battle. ‘cos they’re ‘ard!

The Royal Marines “Yomp”, just slang for a slog with a bloody great Bergan the size of a bungalow on your back.

The Guards “March”, for obvious reasons.

The Light Infantry “Double” everywhere.

Etc etc, I could go on, but you get my point.

But my old Corps, that of The Royal Signals,” Bimble”. It indicates a more relaxed, in control kind of way of getting about. Infinitley preferable to all that Tabbing, Yomping and Doubling. So stressful!


3 responses to “Solitary Bimbling

  1. Ahhh yes, to bimble, use that word a lot at work. The first guy I heard use it was ex army, possibly Signals but maybe ROC (he was latterly based at cerney) nice to know a bit about the other phrases though too! Funny how many of them we use at work. The ex para yomps a fair bit and the ex guardsman, well you can guess!

  2. And don’t forget the Army Catering Corps ‘Chef’s Shuffle’ 🙂


  3. Thanks for the background info re. “Bimbling”

    I am a confirmed “solitary bimbler”, except for two or three rides with my sons and one with my next door neighbour, I bimble the roads solo. Quite frankly, I have to say I like it that way, I set the pace, stop when I feel like it etc.. Peletons are not for me.

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