June 29th 2009

2 years ago today I started my new way of life. I knew from past failed attempts that it wouldn’t be easy. And surprise surprise I was right.

It is still a struggle, but one I’m continuing to face down and crack on with. Have I lapsed? Of course I have, last Christmas especially, but I am still pedalling, still concious of what goes in my gob and still doing my post ride upper body stuff.

I think after 2 years I have now proven (to myself anyway), that I have got an addiction to food. Why that should be I have no idea. Doing my amateur psychologist bit, the only “trauma” (and I use the term loosely) I remember was being bullied for my first 3 years at Senior School. It was crap, hurtful, lonely, painful, all of those things, but you soldier on and forget about it. I’m not aware of it affecting me in anyway long term. Maybe I’m just assembled incorrectly? Or more likely a greedy lazy bastard.

What advice can I give you from my hard earned experiences? In no particular order:

1. Regular weigh ins.

2. Keep a diary or blog.

3. Have a plan.


5. Choose a weight loss eating routine that you can live with.

6. Choose an excercise regime you enjoy.

7. Don’t let it become a chore.

9. Get family and friends on side.


I’ve learned quite a lot about myself this last 2 years. I know I’m weak, easily distracted, look for excuses not to do the right thing, crave food and beer and be lazy. But I’ve also learned that I can eat the right stuff, I can consume in moderation and I can bang out the miles for excercise.

But the main thing I’ve learned about this whole thing is something we all know anyway. This isn’t easy, it’s hard work. Very hard. But it is actually a very simple concept. Don’t over complicate it.

And what we all know is that the only way out is to eat less and excercise more. Get your head around that fact and you’re in with a chance.


5 responses to “June 29th 2009

  1. Good stuff Clive! You’re a good man trying his best and no-one can disrespect you for that.

  2. As you said to me, 2 years, wow! Great stuff Clive, happy anniversary and dont ever stop!

  3. Happy Anniversary, or is Happy Birthday a more appropriate greeting? I know I feel like a new life started when I began to shed the lbs.

  4. Happy Anniversary, Clive, and thanks for an entertaining and inspirational blog as well. I like your list and can’t argue with a single item. My personal favorites are 1,2, 7, and 10! Here’s hoping for many more years of cycling for all of us.

  5. ThatNoiseInYourEar

    Great post Clive. I’d add to the list “be patient, while being pesistent.” It has taken a long to time put on the weight. It will not move off quickly, but it will move off. And once it starts to move off, and you are persistent, it will begin to seemingly snowball. Patience is needed. It can be a long process to get started. First you have to begin. Then you have to stay with it, even when you initially do not see change. Yes, stay the course! Then you will notice small changes. Stay the course! Then the changes will begin to grow, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Stay the course!! Then the move off will begin to snowball. Your resolve will strengthen. You will become more steeled in your quest. The next thing you know, you have made a life style change with staying power. You will never look back!

    On a side note, I’m pretty sure Fizzhog was not directing his rant your way. But if it motivated you to take pause and think about things. More power to…

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