Weight Loss cyclists, read this!

Yesterday I had the honour of reading the best piece of weight loss bloggage ever.

It’s here , READ IT!

Fizzhog is in my humble opinion the most talented writer in the bloggosphere that  I’ve ever come across, his posts always entertain and I find myself lost in the words while I’m reading. Which as he’s American and we don’t share a common language is quite remarkable!

His Blog I’ve linked to struck a chord with me. Actually it gave me one huge punch across across the face. I’ve had and am having a bit of a tough time at the moment and while I’ve stayed pedalling I could feel myself start to descend into self pity and not do the right thing. It was like his words were aimed directly at me. I suppose with my blogs of late, maybe they were. That’s a huge concieit by the way!

His bollocking has had the desired effect on me. I’m a product of rugby clubs and the military, touchie feelie has never quite done it for me. I’m used to being verbally abused for motivation. It works! Thanks Fizzhog!

The subject of his Blog is Gaz, of whom most of us know from a few years ago. We know the progress he’s made, the weight he’s lost and the battles he’s still fighting. He is definately not a typical weight loss cyclist, but if he can do that then you and I can most certainly do our little bit with no bloody excuses. Maybe I just needed reminding.


5 responses to “Weight Loss cyclists, read this!

  1. A bit of a quality rant over there Clive.

    Chin up mate and keep the pedals turning.


  2. If you would like, I could find one my British exchange officers and ask them to provide a proper colour sergeant rant for you! 🙂

    Seriously, though, that was a GOOD post, wasn’t it?

  3. Thanks for the link Clive!! A great way to start my day.

  4. You sir, are a man.

    And for the record, my rant was not pointed at you, but rather a couple of other blogs I came across that were supposed to be about cycling and weight-loss, but were just people whining about why they can’t do either. Enraged me.

    But glad I could help, though. I, too, often need a slap in the face rather than a hug.

    And you’ve taught me a new word – bimble. I love it and plan on stealing it and giving you zero credit!

    Ride on Clive! You are one of us.

  5. I did think of telling you to just man up and get on that bike but I didn’t. Glad someone did though!

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