End of the week.

Slowly improving on the road rash front. The wounds finally stopped weeping yesterday afternoon and I’m no longer sticking to my apparell.

Had a very enjoyable coach education session at Stourbridge Rugby Club last night under the tutorledge of Brian Ashton ex England Rugby Coach. I’ve always admired the guy and it was good to see that our coaching philosophies and rugby beliefs are pretty similar and my approach to coaching amazingly mirrors what he does. The rugby session he described could have been lifted from one of my lesson plans! But as is the norm at these things I picked up a few gems to add to my coaching repertoire.

The rugby theme continues tonight, with our clubs coach’s end of season night out. This is in Solihull and I have a room booked at the Holiday Inn there.

So gentle reader, there sure as hell isn’t going to be a blog tomorrow!

One response to “End of the week.

  1. Although I am certain there is very little to compare between rugby and American football, I will share one thought about how top-level athletes practice in that sport. During summer training camp, the Washington Redskins open their practices to the public. I wandered over to a practice three years ago and everything resembled what I came to know from playing youth football. There were two exceptions: one was that they had outstanding equipment (which I wasn’t surprised to see) and the other was they were SO CRISP in their drills. There was absolutely no wasted time. Everybody had somewhere to be and they did their thing very quickly and… crisply. Then, with the shortest of whistles, all 90 men immediately stopped what they were doing and moved to the next part of the practice. It was impressive to see.

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