What next?

I appear to have really pissed the powers that be off. Maybe I was a complete bastard in a previous life and deserve everything that’s happening at the moment?

The irony is that I’d kind of come to terms with the crappy circumstances we’re going through, got my head back together, kicked my pathetic self pity into touch and resolved to crack on regardless.

With that in mind I’d done some work on my road bike and was looking forward to yesterday’s pedal to and from work.

I got up as normal, changed, took my bike out and set off, it was cool and after the deluge of the past few days a tad damp under rubber.

A normal left turn up to Frankley Beeches resulted in this.

I can normally control an off, but this was so sudden I was UP then DOWN sliding across the road. No warning what so ever. Normally I get a tell tale of some description, not this time. I think my front wheel suddenly lost traction and slid out. Then I slid out. As you can see by the photos I look like someone has attacked me with a belt sander.

And as for my bike, new bar tape, new bars and my brake gear levers all damaged.

That was the reason for my absence yesterday, a bit shook up, very sore and bruised.

9 responses to “What next?

  1. Ouch! It won’t really help you, but maybe take some solace from the fact that I had a minor off back in December on the way home from work, less visible damage to body and bike but a collar bone broken in 4 places that kept me off the bike until March … small mercies?

  2. Ouch…and double ouch…

    I sent you a text….but I’m not sure if you still have my number listed….

    Regards John

  3. Ye Gods Clive. Hope you mend soon.

    Why new bars? I know they have taken a bash but bars are quite tough you know.

  4. I told you that you’d want to replace that bar tape!

    On a serious note, glad there were no serious injuries.

  5. Glad you’re ok. The wounds look awesome (chicks dig scars, right?), the bike damage less so. You are far more resourcesful than I am and I suspect you’ll find the parts you need and assemble them yourself in no time. Take care, buddy/mate!

  6. Oh man, I just saw this. I hope you’re doing okay, Clive and get healed up very soon.


  7. Thanks for the good wishes folks.

  8. Just read your bad news, hope things heal quickly for you, cheers.

  9. Shit dude, glad your ok-ish, hope all is ok and you feel better soon

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