Tuesday – pah…

Yesterday was meant to bring to a resolution one of the issues we have at home. It didn’t. Through no fault of ours the whole cycle just reset and began again. My main problem is a wife stressed beyond reason to the point of illness. I’m very worried about her. The issues I can deal with, even though they’re tough and beyond my control, wifey is my worry. It also means chasing around trying to sort things out to resolve matters as well as trying to keep home and the kids on an even keel, do a good job here at work and keep the weight loss through pedalling going. It seems I’m it at the moment. Oh, and Mum in Law’s dog bit me on the thigh as well yesterday, tearing my new bib shorts and causing an injury. But I kept quiet about that as I didn’t want to add to the upsets. Mum in Law is pretty fragile too. And now it’s f***ing Tuesday. I hate Tuesdays.

I came in to work a different route over Romsley Hill and Quinton. I wanted hills and a change, I got them both.

7 responses to “Tuesday – pah…

  1. Keep at it Clive. I have a mantra that “It always works out in the end” and no matter how dark and depressed I get generally things do work out and get resolved. It can be very tough juggling all the things that go to make up a lifestyle and sometimes it is difficult to see how it will all work out. Take heart from your before and after pitures. If you can sort that out you can sort anything out.
    Cheers Tony

  2. Clive…

    The only words I can say “Nil illegitimi Carborundum”….

    I do hope everything works out for you soon….


  3. Bad Dog!! – Hope all is resolved soon.

  4. Keep your chin up mate. I’m in a similar boat at the moment except no single thing is getting to me, just way, way too much going on at home and work for my liking, some major and some minor and a million and one things rattling around my head all the time. Even the most trivial things in the grand scheme, such as ripped bib shorts, seem to take on a life of their own but you just have to try to put them in the perspective of the major ones

    There’s not a lot you can do except hold on and try to ride out the storm. I’m picking off the things I do have some control over and hope that one day soon I can get the number down to a manageable level but they are being replaced just as quick.

    I know it’s hard sometimes, but do what you can to find time for something you enjoy. Weight loss is your motivation so perhaps cycling is being added to the list of things hanging over you which need to be dealt with. See if there is anything you can do to take the pressure off a little bit and try to get back to enjoying youself for the hour or two you are riding.

    Best of luck fella.

  5. Sorry things aren’t going swimmingly at the moment, hope it works out for you soon.

    On the plus side, it’s not Tuesday tomorrow!

  6. Glad to see you’re back on the bike, sorry to hear about all those woes you have at present, and even sorrier that I may have come on a bit strong in an earlier comment. I wasn’t trying to be flip, just attempting in my hamfisted way, to encourage you. If there is a next time I’ll shut it. Cheers mate.

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