Saturday MTB pedal

I took the opportunity to get out again yesterday, time was a factor so I did a 10 miler around the Waseley’s and Clent.

The weather was very humid (for the UK) and I was immediatley leaking with the effort of the on road up hill stretch to the start of the off road at Chapman’s Hill Farm. No relation by the way. The downhill from there on the bridleway to the Religious Retreat at the foot of the Waseleys is a tester of skill and the robustness of your bike, it goes from berms to a rock garden to thick mud, right angled turns and the odd gate to engage your interest. It certainly isn’t for the novice if you intend to carry some speed down there.

Once at the foot of the Clent Hills I had a choice, the quicker harder route or the longer easier route. My time management dictated what I was going to do. So, lubricate my knee joints, hope yesterday’s protein was ready to help my leg muscles and pray that Friday’s pasta was still in there somewhere to provide the energy. Up to the top of Calcott hill it was. Which is a Granny Ring slog.

The downhill to the foot of Walton Hill is just as testing as the downhill from Chapman’s Hill Farm, only longer. For the first time I actually met two other MTBers on that bridleway, only they were going up! Nutters!

But the up to the top of Walton Hill is even more demanding. I managed 3/4s of it before I admitted defeat and walked the rest. Just at the point where my weakness got the better of me I was overtaken by a runner. Rub it in eh?

Once at the top it was a great downhill to Romsley and home.

Bike cleaned straight away, prep commuting and road bike kit for tomorrow and crack on with the weekend. Hoping for a better week and some good news soon.

Route here, check out the elevation profile.


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