Off road pedal.

Just got back from a 20 mile off road pedal. Details tomorrow, too busy for a big write up now.

4 responses to “Off road pedal.

  1. Hi Clive

    I have been following your site for many months time but only your very recent posts have prompted me to comment.
    I am sure that you have a large but mostly silent following out there, who, like me, considers you as a “virtual” mate, and want nothing but the best for you and your family, and are quietly supporting you and your efforts, and your daily wrestling with inertia, motivation, life problems, best intentions, set backs etc etc. It occurs to me that silent support is not very helpful, so I wanted to step out of the cyber-space shadows and let you know that I am here, cheering you on. The odd set back does not wipe out all that you have already achieved and I am pleased to see that you got some miles in today.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment and offer your support Richard, as you’ll know I always call this a team game and my “gentle reader” means a hell of a lot to me.

    I do appreciate it. Thank you.

  3. 20 miles. Very impressive, Clive. Makes my 8-10 mile “milk runs” look puny!

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