On the drops

Coming in to work lately by road bike, I’ve noticed that I’ve been spending far more time on the drops of my handlebars. When I first got my Giant Defy I was always on the hoods. Why would that be? It certainly wasn’t a concious desicion maybe the reduction in belly mass is the cause and I can actually reach the bars?

Whatever, (as my daughter Fay so eloquently puts it) it has quite obviously helped my speed. I averaged 17.5 mph into work this morning.

Nothing I do is helping my numb hand/arm issue though. Every bike I ride, every bar position I take, every form of gel/cushioning I use doesn’t do diddly squat. After about 20 minutes I’m fighting a losing battle. The only relief is to stop, lower my arms to my sides and manipulate my fingers for a couple of minutes to get the life back into my hands and arms. But I know 20 minutes down the road/trail I’ll be in the same position. I’ll just have to accept it and crack on.

Not entirely sure what tomorrow holds bike wise, I may be on a site visit so I may be getting up and doing a local bimble to get my daily pedal done.


5 responses to “On the drops

  1. I’ve found I can sit on the drops for longer than before. It’s definitely to do with my gut getting smaller. Riding on the drops makes me ride faster. Different pedalling position. I get numbness on my bikes but strangely, not on the drops.

  2. Clive,

    Re the numb hansds, is it like this on all bikes or just with the drop bars?

    It might be worth getting a guru from the bike shop to look at you position. It sounds like you are putting too much weight through your arms.

  3. @Fuzzy On every bike with every bar configuration imaginable mate.

  4. Clive,
    GET A FITTING!! I promise you, I guarantee you, that if you spend the money for a professional fitting your arm troubles will vanish. But… you may discover you are riding bikes that are wrong for you.

    I was amazed at how complex and intricate my pro fitting was. It took over an hour, nearly two hours, but it was so worth it. Numbness and discomfort that I had on the Unfat Machine after a long day in the saddle – which I attributed to my lack of fitness – all went away on the Goat because I was custom fit.

    Everything from seat position/heigt, to crank length, to stem height, stem angle, bar height/width/weight, to frame size, to frame design, pedals, wheels – it is all connected and all matters.

    Get a fitting but be prepared you may need to make some major equipment adjustments. But you ride pain-free. I promise you – if not, I’ll pay for your fitting!

  5. Hi clive, I’m about your size (5’7″ 230 pounds) and i had this problem wich was caused in part because by my handlebars being too narrow and cutting my blood flow by keepin my arms too tight on my upper body. Obviously, when you buy a small size frame, you will get narrow handlebars.
    I got myself a pair of handlebars that are about the width of my shoulders (The largest available !) and now i can fell new pains… At least i feel them

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