Slowly moving on.

As you’ve probably guessed and I’ve hinted at a few times, things have not been easy for the folks at Chez Chapman since the beginning of the year. I’ve struggled with going into detail as a few of the things happening concern people who read this blog and I certainly don’t want to upset them or make any potentially difficult situations worse.

But a small step was taken in the right direction yesterday in one of the issues. Hopefully I can elaborate more soon. Sorry for the enigmatic bit there, but please bear with me.

What has that got to do with weight loss and cycling? 

If you’ve a weight problem and are in the process of trying to do something about it, then it’s easy to use any happening outside of the weight loss as an excuse not to crack on. It’s never the right time, or you have to see to this issue, or you’re just too knackered or even you can’t be bothered today and you’ll start or re-start tomorrow.

I know I wobbled last week because of the above. My glass is usually half full, but last week and over the weekend even my normal good humour and optimistic outlook was severely tested. Almost to the point where I went fuck it all. Pardon my French.

But as I’ve banged on about plenty of times on here, this is when you need to dig in and stick with it. I know I didn’t do exactly what I should, but I didn’t completely let myself down thankfully and the damage wasn’t too severe.

When everything is sorted completely I will elaborate. It’ll be difficult to do as I’m notorious for keeping my cards close to my chest, just ask wifey, but better out than in as they say.


2 responses to “Slowly moving on.

  1. Sorry to hear about the challenges and I have been going through some challenges as well over the past 8-9 months or so, but things are already looking brighter for us. I just wrote a similar post about that.

    Cheers to you, my friend.

    Big Clyde

  2. There is no requirement to share your private life with the likes of us, Clive. Bear down, do your best, and that is all anybody can ask of you. Best of luck and I look forward to hearing of your next success, which is no doubt just around the corner for you!

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