Well I’m back in work today proper by bike. I came in on my road bike over The Beeches and through Harbourne. I averaged just short of 17mph which while sounds ok for a middle aged fat  bloke, must be tempered with the small peice of info that it is mostly downhill and I had a pretty strong tailwind.

I’m guessing my average home won’t be anywhere near 17mph.

It’s been a pretty trying time at home the last few months. I’m tired, no energy and I feel like I’ve had the shit kicked out of me. While, (as the cliche goes) I’m glad to be in work for the rest, it really was a trememdous effort just to get my sorry arse here. I could have quite easily stopped in bed. Which is ridiculous really as I’m not sleeping that well when I am in bed!

I know my weight loss has took a knock, but I also know every program isn’t linear. Or a  truism from my past life, no plan ever survives first contact with the enemy.

I’ve had my share of metaphorical enemies lately…I’m looking for peace to break out.


One response to “Pedalling

  1. I love the “not surviving first contact with the enemy”, in my case it’s first, second….and last, still there’s always the next time, you’re always going to stay in a positive state of mind pedalling a bike. Do you get my drift?

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